A. Yes, I could have, however, I don’t want these creatively bankrupt brokers of the film industry to earn out of my creativity by giving me a paltry sum for my script and direction and reap the rewards throughout their life. Our film industry needs to be disrupted and the existing unfair practices need to be abolished and that is what I intend to do.
A. Making the film (first copy) is one part of the film making process. If we want to release the film in theaters, it is an additional cost over and above the making cost. We have earmarked approximately between 4.5-5 Crores rupees to make this film, however it may change if we are able to hire bigger stars and bigger names.
A. We intend to run the crowd funding for the next few months, and if things go well, we can start filming in the month of August/September (Subject to artists availability etc). I intend to release the film early next year because by that time my big budget film as a writer starring Mr. Akshay Kumar, Parineeti Chopra, Ravi Kishan would have released, hopefully giving me a lot of mileage with the audience.
A. Ideally that is the goal, however, since releasing a film is a costly and complicated affair, we will have to take that call once the film is made.
A. Absolutely NOT. 90% of the films fail to even recover their costs, even if they have big and so called saleable actors. To give you an example, our previous film TONY was made on a budget of only 75 Lakhs rupees, and in spite of more than 1 crores people viewing it on you tube, we still haven’t recovered even half that amount.
A. You know the state of the Hindi film industry right now. This condition is only because the producers are worried about making a profit and hence the quality of the film is being compromised. To answer your question, your contribution will support independent film makers like myself who don’t bow down to the established norms of the existing film industry and are focused on making quality world class cinema without worrying about the profits and succumbing to gimmicks like having unnecessary songs, item numbers, vulgarity, nudity etc. Having said that, I am confident that if the product/content is good, sooner or later, we will recover our cost. If you haven’t seen my previous film, I suggest you see the film TONY and you will realize the kind of cinema I make and my thought process.
A. We have kept a minimum investment threshold of 10,000/- rupees (Ten Thousand Only). There is no upper limit to the amount that you want to invest. However once the film is made, and if you like the film, you can make a donation of whatever amount you deem worthy.We would like to clarity that any donation made to the film will not be considered an investment.
A. Absolutely, YES. Everything will be in writing. Not only that, all investors will have access to our accounts after the film is made. Audited accounts will be available to each and every investors once the film is complete. Periodically we will also keep you updated about the progress of the film.
A. Definitely NOT. We will be hiring only professional actors and technicians whom we will be paying. Under no circumstances we will offer roles or any film related work to our investors or donors.
A. We will run the campaign for a few months. If the required amount is not accumulated, all the money will be returned to the investors.